Central Heating Boiler Problems

Boilers are used to provide homes and businesses with hot water and central heating. These units are expensive to purchase – but are designed to last for years with little to no problems. However, there are times when something will go wrong and the mechanical problem will have to be fixed. When a problem with the central heating has occurred there are different things that you can look at before you call an electrician to come out and fix it.

Power Supply

The power supply is the first thing that should be checked when anything goes wrong with the machine. If the pilot light on the unit has gone out it means that the flames, that help it to function, have gone out. You need to reignite it carefully and see if that will allow the unit to run normal again. If it is an electrical boiler you need to check for broken or faulty wires. On a gas boiler you need to check the supply lines that hold the fuel are flowing properly and that there are no leaks or clogs.

Blocked Air

It is not uncommon for the top of the boiler to become cool, causing it to respond poorly. This will decrease the amount of heat that is distributed throughout the home and make it more cool than warm. In most cases it means that air is coming in through the water pipes and is getting trapped within the boiler. It will than rise to the top and prevent the water from heating properly. Use the air release valve on the unit to stop it.


There are times when it is the bottom of the boiler that is being compromised. The metal of the boiler will oxidize and create deposits of leftover materials within the boiler. When this occurs it will cause rust and scale to buildup. When this happens you will often hear loud banging from inside of the boiler. The more it builds up the harder it is for the water to heat.

Parts Failure

Each unit uses a number of different parts in order to work properly. Sometimes the central heating problem is caused by a broken thermostat or a damaged pipe. You should examine each part to see if it is working the way it should.