Common Electric Boiler Problems

The electric boiler system is one of the most common central heating system units that is used in homes and businesses. These help to distribute the heat evenly and to provide hot water to those who need it. The industrial boilers are some of the more expensive models and can cost thousands of dollars to replace when a problem occurs.

Rather than trying to replace it or to spend hundreds in repairing the problem you must first find the source. It helps to learn what the most common problems are to look for. You might be surprised at how simple it is to repair it and how much money you could save yourself.

Thermocouple System Failure

The thermocouple is a sensor that is used to regulate the gas flow inside of the boiler. It will also keep monitor the amount of heat that is being produced. This part can be found inside of the pilot light flame.

The part functions by sending off an electric current to control the valve – which will regulate the gas flow. If at anytime the pilot light is extinguished the thermocouple will cool off. When this happened the gas flow has become restricted and the entire unit will begin to cool off. The best way to repair it is to reignite the pilot light. If that does not work than simply replace the part.


This is a common problem in any type of boiler that you have and one that can usually be fixed easily. It is the job of the unit to control the temperature. It is able to do this by maintaining a certain water pressure. When water is leaking out from any part of it for a certain period of time the pressure will be released. When this happens the unit will not be able to work effectively.

The smaller leaks will evaporate into the air and make it twice as hard for us to find where it is coming from. The trick is to walk around the whole unit and look on the surface for any droplets. Also look on the floor surrounding it. If the pressure is not set between 1 and 1.5 bar than you know there is a problem. Make sure that the filling loop is delivering water to the boiler.