Common Wood Boiler Problems

Wood boilers are not the most common types of central heating systems that people will use. However, they are some of the more efficient and use natural fuel that allows it to burn evenly throughout the home. It is important to understand the more common problems that can go wrong with it and how they can be fixed.

Banging And Hissing

Don’t you hate it when you are upstairs trying to entertain guests and suddenly there is a whole lot of banging going on inside of the home. This problem will worry many people – but luckily it is easy to fix. The first place to look to see what might be causing it is in the chimney. It is possible that it is clogged with soot or ash or debris. The lack of oxygen will cause a hissing noise. Sweep out the chimney and you will be good to go.

If the chimney is simply not working than this means that there is not enough water traveling through the unit. Inspect the valves on the feed and expansion tanks and even the ones leading to the main water supply. Make sure they are all open and the water is moving through without any blocks.

The next place to look is inside the system itself. It is possible that there is a buildup of limescale. When the unit heats up it will expand and cause popping noises in the pipes. Turn the system off and treat it with a descaling solution. Now flush out the system before turning it back on.

Turns Off

Is the unit not staying on? Inspect the thermostat to see what the setting it. If it is too low than the unit will shut itself off. Also look at the digital timer on the unit to see if it is working properly. Set the timer and make sure that it comes on at the specified time. If not than you need to replace it.