How To Identify Problems With Boilers

The boiler is an important unit in the home – but one that we never think about. It is what provides us with warm water for a great shower each morning and heat to warm us up when winter has come. With how useful it is none of us seem to notice it much. That is until it decides to have problems.

Before a boiler breaks down completely it will actually give out little warning signs. The problem is that many of us will not notice these signs. We just think that they are nothing to worry about or that it is normal to how the unit works. By the time we realize what it meant it is too late. It is time to learn what those warning signs are.

Temperature Control

Do you notice that the unit is not heating up the water or the home the way in which it should be? Perhaps it is taking too long to heat up or it is just not as hot as it should be? Look at the users manual to understand what temperature it should be at. If you cannot find it than call the manufacturer.

Compare the appropriate temperature setting with what the thermostat is reading. You will find this on the side of the unit. If it is too low you should try resetting it. Wait a few hours or a day to make sure that it has not dropped again. If it has than you have a problem.

Water Pressure Settings

The amount of water pressure that you receive from your kitchen sink or in the shower is partly based on the type of faucet that you are using – but mostly on the boiler. This pressure can actually go down when too many people are trying to use hot water at one time. Too much of this could cause serious damage to the inside of the unit. Remember to tell someone when you are taking a shower so they can wait to do anything till you are done.