Regular Maintenance Of Boilers

The best way to keep your boiler from having any problems is to make sure that you perform regular maintenance on it. When you follow these certain steps you will help to keep parts from breaking and will extend the life of your boiler. In the end you could save yourself hundred, if not thousands of dollars.


It is important to make sure that your boiler is working as efficiently as possible. This means that it needs to be heating the water as quickly as possible and without wasting any time or energy. Every once in awhile you should look at the flames while it is heating the water to see how they are working.

What you want to see is that they are in a high pressure turbulence state. This is normal and is caused by the fans blowing from inside of the fuel cell that is in the compartment with the flame. If the flames are not moving than you should replace them.

Another parts that you should be inspecting include the automatic feed device, the low water fuel cut out, and the safety pop valve. The feed device is used to keep water in the unit. Make sure that the opening is not corroded and that the tank is filled with the right amount.

The low water fuel cutout is used to shut off the fuel intake when there is not enough water inside of the unit. Parts of this might become corroded. When this happens the safety pop valve will not be able to move properly and the unit will have no way of venting out pressure.

If you have a natural gas boiler than you need to check the gas lines running to and from it. Every month you should look for any leaks that might be coming from it. You can do this by filling up a bottle of soapy water and spraying some onto the joints where the fuel line connects into the unit. If there are bubble than you know that there is a leak. Turn the gas valve off immediately and call a professional to repair it.