Repairing Boiler Pumps

There are a number of problems that can affect your boiler. One of the most common that people have to deal with are leaks. These leaks can happen anywhere inside and outside of the boiler and can be a cause of different parts or a buildup of corrosion. The first place that you should look at are the circulation pumps.

These pumps are used to supply hot water to each of the radiators running through the home or business. When these are leaking it is because the mounting flanges are in need of being replaced. You can tell that this is a problem when you see large amounts of corrosion along it or if there is water leaking from the bottom or top of the pump.

Unlike most other problems this is a problems that you could repair on your own and can save time and money from calling someone in. First you need to turn the heat off from the thermostat and turn off the breaker running to the circulation pump. Now close the water shutoff valves. These are situated both above and below the pumps along the water line.

Open the wire housing box and disconnect the wires that are running to the circulation pump motor. Make sure that you mark where all of the wires are connected. The wire nuts must be screwed over the wires running into the boiler breaker panel.

Get rid of the bolts that are on the top and bottom of the flanges using a socket wrench. Keep the bolts inside of the flange hole to keep it stable. Now carefully take the pump out and clean off the corrosion from the outside of the mounting flanges using a brass brush.

Take off the flanges from the lower and upper pipes using a wrench. Be careful that you do not twist the pipe. Removing these will be difficult. For the new flanges you need to apply pipe dope to the inside of them and turn them onto the pipe by hand as much as you can. Use a pipe wrench to thread them completely onto the pipe.

To install the circulation pump you need to mount it to the new flanges. Insert the bolts and secure them to the flanges. Make sure to adjust as needed and test it by turning the water shutoff valves open. Look for any leaks. If all is well than you can rewire the boiler and turn the thermostat back on.