Stop Boilers From Leaking

The tank water heaters are efficient to use – but many people will have problems with them leaking all over the place. Water sits inside of them constantly and this can cause corrosion and rust. When this occurs it will deteriorate the metal in certain places and cause the leaks to occur.

In some cases the pipes running from the boiler are the problem areas. It is important that you learn how to find the leak and determine what is causing it so that you can prevent it from leaking in the future.

First you need to locate the source of the look by searching for steady drips of water on the surface of the boiler, the pressure relieve valve, the pipes connected to it, and the drain valve located beneath it. Try to tighten the large nut that is situated on either end of the flexible copper pipes that are linked to the boiler if you see the leak on the surface of it.

One of the pipes that you will look at will be the cold water supply line and the other the hot supply line that is distributed throughout the home. If the leak continues after tightening the nuts than you need to turn the water supply off at the valve situated in front of the copper line. If you don’t see a valve than you need to turn off the main water meter.

Turn the boiler completely off and open the pressure relief valve so that the internal pressure of the tank is relieved. You could also turn on a hot water faucet. Replace the flexible copper pipe and turn the boiler and water supply back on.

Look closely at the pressure valve that runs from one side of the boiler and usually has an L-shaped handle. If this is dripping water or is not able to open and allow the water to flow than it must be replaced. Turn the boiler and water supply off. Open the hot water faucet and let the pressure inside of the line to leave.

Disconnect any pipe connected to the pressure relief outlet. Turn the pressure relief valve counterclockwise till it is removed from the boiler. Install a new valve and turn everything back on.