What Is Combustion Pulsation

It is very common for commercial boilers to make some type of noise. This is often caused by the flame that is used to keep it working. Though many people do not know it, flames make noise. The smaller the flame is the harder it is for us to be able to hear it.

However, when that flame is inside of a large metal unit – like a boiler – it will generate a type of white noise. The boiler is firing off hundreds if not millions of BTU’s and this is producing a louder noise each time that it does this. When the unit has not been designed and built properly that process will create pressure fluctuations. These fluctuations will cause loud banging and create the problem known as combustion pulsation.

When we first hear this noise we will be alarmed by it. For some us the first thought that goes through our heads is that something is exploding inside of the boiler. Of course this is not true. The noise is not always a bad thing and can often be ignored and it might not even cause any problems.

The only time you need to worry about it is when it is so loud that the neighbors are beginning to complain. The best way to stop it is to fix the problem and to replace the part that is causing the pressure to become disrupted.

Unfortunately that means you will need to hire a boiler contractor to come out and do it for you. Just make sure that you use someone reliable and who is going to fix the problem fast and with as little cost to you as possible.