Why The Boiler Won’t Start

Not all of us understand the inner workings of our boiler. We know that it is used to distribute heat throughout the home and to give us warm water for our morning showers. When it is not starting we automatically assume that a major part is broken or that the whole unit has to be replaced.

Before you call the electrician try to figure out what the problem might be. If it is smoking, smells, or if it was making noises a few days ago than chances are it is a mechanical problem. If you have not noticed any of these changes in the unit than it could simply be a problem with the safety or operational device.

The majority of safety devices come with manual reset buttons. You might find that resetting is all it will need to get the unit up and running again. If you find that you are constantly resetting the unit than it is a sign that it is not operating within its safety parameters and you need to call a boiler technician.

Burner Controller

The controller is on the front of the burner. When the boiler is being asked to heat the controller will do certain things to make sure that it is safe to continue before the burner will start. While the burner is on the controller will continue to monitor it. Push the manual reset on the controller and the boiler should restart.

Temperature Switch

This is the safety backup when the operator control is not doing what it needs to. Press the manual rest to start he boiler. If you have to press this than the operator control is not working.

Gas Pressure

The natural gas fuel train has two pressure switches. The low pressure will lock the boiler when there is not enough gas to complete the operation. The high pressure will lock the boiler out when the regulator is permitting too high of a gas pressure. Manually reset both of these.

Call Technician

If resetting any or all of these did not start up the boiler than there is a mechanical failure. Call your local boiler technician for help and explain the problem you are having and what you have done to try to fix it.